Sunday, June 29, 2008

the words to the day.

dog show was great. woke up at 5:15 am (to a power outage, what the hell?), was on the road by 6:15, made it there before 8, plenty of parking and crate space. it was a smaller trial, only about 40 dogs there total. each level probably had about 30 or so dogs in it. rah and i LOVE this venue, so i will have to remember to show there as much as possible!!!!! (slight regret at skipping yesterday but after finding out that the jump was only a 3 foot wide standard, im not too sad!)

hung out until 11 or so, finally started his class - the original judge was hospitalized earlier this week so linda sperco ended up judging, and she's super hard about some things, especially her bonus lateral fronts :) ha! rah had a perfect run - good attention, nice rear end awareness, great snappy downs, pivots, etc - wonderful until the lateral front bonus, and since pretty much NO ONE except peg's dog did it right for linda (she wants the entire dog to move at once, not with the front end leading in the slightest), no one got full points - but rah was good enough for first place in the class, which finished his RL1 title and gave him high scoring rescue!!! WOOHOO!!!

marylyn (one of berlin's breeders) came to see rah go in the first trial which was awesome (it's AWESOME that they support me even with RAH, isn't it???) and while I walked the course she had Berlin out and stacked her and berlin looked awesomely beautiful. my pretty little girl!

i debated on if i wanted to move him up for the second trial to level 2, or just to the B classes in level 1, and i ended up being brave and going to level 2- and was handsomely rewarded. lynn c. went first before me and got a 209 and joked with me that she left the door open since she had a crooked front on the angled front- and that she did - rah went and peg came up to me and said - ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. and he was - off leash and all, he was amazing - for a perfect score of 210. his head never dropped once, he was with me the entire time in perfect heel postion, he had wonderful pivots, and needed no extra coaching, cheerleading, etc. im even proud of how we handling the set up, since we were too close to the start sign and peg made us move back, after he was already off leash. what was nice was having so many people come up afterwards and comment on how marvelous a job he did - other trainers from the area, other competitors, peg said he was the nicest working dobe she has seen. im so proud of him!!

and all of this on his birthday! so we left with 6 ribbons, a basket for high scoring rescue (the ribbon for this was MIA, oh well), two BEAUTIFUL collars from Bad Lu that I have to see if I can get exchanged for Rah's size and potentially in a different color, and I won a no spill water bowl in the raffle. Not bad at all :)

I'm very proud of the way my birthday boy worked - he got handsomely rewarded with birthday cake and a whole chicken when he came home!

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