Friday, June 20, 2008

another thursday night...

oops, starting with a little wednesday. Berlin was off from obedience for one more week, so it was just Rah for flyball :) we did some boxwork with the real box, then we did some full lane runs with the box at the end, and rah had a blast. then we celebrated one of the dogs birthdays with doggie cupcakes and rah ate his and another dogs that didnt want theirs, and wanted more. the cupcakes were goooood (all natural, peanut butter) and yes i tasted :)

yesterday rah was not bad :) we started with stays, and rah was electrified, didn't need a correction at all, and he did VERY well with some VERY heavy distraction, what a good boy! then we did some paired heeling patterns, which was ok for us - nothing special, we weren't doing anything spectacular. did some figure8's (HUGE mutiple 8 in a row!) ones and rah was VERY nice for them, getting out of my way and really respecting my space, but a gate banged at one point and we both got distracted, and terry reminded me that if something like that happens i need to keep my focus on him, because if i get distracted, then he does too.

we did the db game then - all of us in a row, tossing one at a time and then running away to get a fast pickup.

broad jumps were VERY nice - he got distracted by kathy tossing secret's db right next to him for 2 seconds, but i got him back and he did 2-3 lovely BJ's just fine, and i called it quits on that.

crap, im going to be late for work. ill finish this later!!!!!!!! reminder for me: high jump, them onto utility

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