Thursday, June 12, 2008

the butterflies are taking over

im really getting nervous for the BH's this weekend!

to take my mind off, we shall discuss flyball.

skipped berlin's drop in last night - first cause i was tired, second because my shoulder is killing me, and third because i could save 25 bucks and put it towards gas this weekend.

flyball was nice - did our first sorta real runs. rah did awesome - over 4 jumps, got the ball, and came back to me. and with his new toy, the frenzy ring, he actually came to me and PLAYED after the run, instead of just chewing on the ball. he LOVES this. next week she said we will be ready to potentially start introducing some passing.

i hope he gets onto a team.

worked rah in some BH stuff today. im really afraid for our left about turns - there are 4 of them in the routine, and rah isn't going to be paying enough attention to do them nicely. bad rah. but his schutzhund turns suck too because hes a putz. he did a SIM and DIM just fine which is good, and his front was perfect. offleash was ok too.

i think im just mostly afraid to have to do this in front of some big names in the doberman world, and in front of berlins breeders. in front of people whose opinions i really value, and in front of people who are legit famous and people who matter in the dobe world.

or maybe i am afraid rah will take off and run away in the middle of the woods at ray's place.

im wondering if entering rah on both days was a mistake. we shall see. im wondering if this entire weekend was a mistake.

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