Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday - the new thursday

Better late than never, right?

so where were we on thursday...
the high jump. Rah was hilarious with the high jump. right as we had set up the jumps (high, broad, etc) rah was in a stay, and lydia decided to test the waters as rah was in the stay right by her high jump by setting mercury up to do a cookie retrieve, and rah broke his stay to chase the cookie - i corrected rah with a quick stim, and he went back down. but later on, after the broad jumps, when i went back to that high jump and tried to get him to do a high jump, he went over and wouldn't pick up the cheese. he went over the jump, refused the cheese and came back over. then i tossed his riot stick, he went over, wouldnt pick it up, and came back :) finally i just tossed his db and he went out, got it and brought it back - i think its is first db retrieve over the high in over a month , at least!

moving to utility, we broke it down and did articles alone one at a time with terry acting as the judge like it was a show. aussie lady (for the life of me i can never remember her name, i feel like its karen but i cannot remember) went first and rah worked his gloves. gloves are going to be a problem because he shakes them, grrrrrrr STILL. worked a few signals and a few moving stands, then his shot at articles.

he did ok with terry putting out his articles and placing my scented one - however, with terry standing over the pile, he feels too much pressure (he's working week 6 - no cheese on any article) - and he just grabs randomly without sniffing at all. the minute she backs off the pile, he goes out there and he will work the pile, correctly finding the article, indicating it and bringing it back to me.

then worked go outs - his "look" has lost a little of its intensity these past two weeks, so i am going to have to work on that a bit, but his turn and sits were SO NICE AND TIGHt.

and then wonder of wonders - he did two absolutely perfect, jumps for the directed jumping - one high, one bar. WOW. good job rah. we ended on that, i was very proud.

all in all, a pretty good night of training, i was happy with that.

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