Sunday, July 6, 2008

sundays at the homestead

i felt really industrious with rah today and worked him not once, not twice, but three separate times. of course, i had to split it all up because its hot as hell and humid outside today, so we were panting after 10 minutes each time!

first we worked on attention outside and left turns into the halt - we NEED to get his halts straighter because that is where i am losing 3-5 points each show at - his crooked halts. bad bad us. i need to set up a private (took a break to email terry to set up a private - my next private with linda is set for the 24th).

worked on his heel position - i brought back cookies in the left hand, kept his head up and him back, and just turned left repeatedly, and threw in halts. 95% of his halts this way were perfect, nice tuck sits with him completely straight or even overcompensated butt in (which i dont care about - overcompensation in the ring turns into just right), which was great.

later on i brought him out and did some go outs and some glove retrieves - he can do a short mark, retrieve and if he shakes i verbally correct him and he is supposed to come straight back up into my face to get his cookie.

im exhausted and very hot.

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