Sunday, December 14, 2008

goals for 2009

I was just thinking based on a thread on an email list, about the goals I have for my dogs for 2009, and thought it would be nice if we could share them with each other.

Goals for Rah
-attain an AKC CDX
-attain an ASCA CDX
-attain a UKC CD and CDX
-attain a CDSP CDX-H
-attain his APDT ARCHX
-attain his RL1X
-attain his RL2X
-get better go-outs!
-learn to work better outside and get somewhere near the sort of attention i have when we work indoors
-work on his issue with the SFE and not moving to the judge!
-work on his issue with men in the ring and get him comfortable with a male judge
-work on his fronts - teach him to adjust to find perfect front, and then translate that to with the db in his mouth.
-be matching in utility at least once a month or every other month depending on show schedules
and the very lofty one - be ready for utility by the end of the year!
- work on his food stealing and counter surfing

Goals for Berlin
- earn her CDSP CD-H
- earn her APDT RL1
- maybe earn her RL2?
- lofty goal, but maybe have her ready for Rally Advanced??
-start tracking and maybe back into schutzhund
-keep her interested in her work
- match her at least once a month or every other month in novice
- get her to do a full db retrieve by the end of the year, happily
-work on her barking in the house
-work on her barking while she is in the crate while we show rah.

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