Sunday, December 14, 2008

rah finished his ASCA CD today with another 194- he was nothing if not consistent!
his stays were uneventful. i could get use to doing them first :) heeling - i was a heeling demon today - i was going very fast. he set up nicer today and i had a good ring entrance, but his transitions were spotty - he kept dropping his head. i also lost him for the SFE - he needed a second command (no loss of points on that though). he did again step towards the judge when she let him sniff her hand - argh, thats not how a SFE should be done - but i should also train for that. need to work on that for utility and also for UKC and CDSP, he has two more CD's to finish.

his heeling was nice - very bright and with me. on the fig 8 hedropped his head but he didnt push - but he almost didnt sit until i tightened every muscle i had in me to get those sits!!!! bad boy :) heel free was good too - i was going so fast my feet were cramping! recall was nice, slightly crooked but finish was good.

i lost 3 on heel on lead, 1 for SFE, 1.5 on heel free, and 1/2 on the recall for a total of 194 - that was third place.

so the ASCA CD is done! i opted not to stay for the last trial - the title was obtained, i didnt feel good, and we were all tired - came home and we passed out on the couch!

Rah also obtained his VC from the UDC _ i am waiting for the cert from them, but he got it, woohoo. i dont know if i posted that.

and im getting an ad for him in the upcoming DD - it will be a beautiful ad, i just saw the copy and its stunning, if i do say so myself. of course, hes a beautiful dog and it couldnt be anything but amazing anyway!!! i cant stop staring at it. lydia is also getting one for mercury!!! if i had professional ones of berlin id take one out for her too.

im going to go lay down - i have cramps. i also need to train the dogs - work on fronts, db, and stand for berlin. she has a moving stand next week she needs to perform. also might want to teach her a recall over a jump, since recalls are her weak spot :)

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