Saturday, December 6, 2008

home from the trial today - it was huge, 90 runs today and 90 tomorrow (but its snowing, so we shall see how many people show up tomorrow - i have to go because i left my crates there!)

got up at the buttcrack of dawn this morning to get there because i thought it would you know, go quickly :) i was sorely mistaken - i was there by 7:45 and i wasnt on until 11:30.

we were 20th in the ring for level 2, and we ended up with a 210 (perfect score!) and we ended up taking 3rd place based on time. very nice job.

we then pinned the class, and broke for lunch. i was exhausted, so i fell asleep. and linda sperco ended up coming over and waking me up so i could do the walk through for level 1 - i was the 30th in that class to go - i think i went at 3:30 or so. would have been hilarious if i slept through it... or something like that :)

finally got into level 1 and berlin started screaming again, bad bad bad bad bad girl. rah did well but i gave my wait signal too fast and it looked like a weird stand signal so he popped up - i had to quick pop him back into a sit so i lost a point for that, so we ended up with a 209, and got 4th place.

so thats the first QQ we need for our ARCHX - 4 more to go. wish us luck tomorrow!

(im ignoring training on thursday, it all sucked and my dogs were all bad and we had no communication going on)

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Dawn said...

Congrats on the QQ. I have been trying to understand the ARCHX requirements and just cant seem to get my head around them at all. But, I am super glad you got what you needed.