Tuesday, December 9, 2008


tagged by the corgis over at daybreake, Rah and berlin have been asked to tell everyone 6 things they really like... so here goes nothing :)

1) wrestling with each other. the louder the better. full body slams, teeth gnashing, snarling, legs flailing, bitey faced wrestling. its ear piercing, its fun.

2) food. wide definition here. besides your typical take on food, we can also define food as what once was food, what could be considered food in other countries, what will be food in the future, what was food prior to being eaten and pooped out by another animal... like i said, no accounting for taste. also see # 3 - berlin believes tennis balls are also edible.

3) tennis balls. rah especially, but berlin has a little flair for the green fuzzies as well. rah would love nothing more than to hold them in his mouth all day long, giving a good chomp, bringing it over to you so you can touch it but NO YOU CANNOT HAVE IT, then when you stop paying attention to it he gently drops it - and then the moment you try to get it he PICKS IT BACK UP. it's rah's constant game of keep away and no one enjoys this game more than rah. berlin prefers the precise game of "pull all the fuzz off the ball to ingest (see #2)", but still - the green round orbs of holiness are held up as uber-special around these parts.

4) noise. we're not a quiet household. ive never been quiet, and my dogs arent. they like to hear themselves talk. they bark at each other. they bark at me. they bark at other animals. they bark out the window. any excuse they can use to bark, they will take it - they arent senseless barkers - its not loud highpitched constant - but if they can possibly find something out of line to alarm bark at, they will most certainly find it and make sure they let the entire world (or at least the neighborhood) know they are around. and see #1 - when in doubt, bark at your playmate, it gets the game up a notch. also see #3 - if someone has the last tennis ball, barking in their face often helps get that ball back in your possession.

5) pets. the dogs are lovewhores. rah more so than berlin, but even the uber-bitch has a few people that she goes all retarda-pup for, hits the ground and shakes that behind for, licking all over and just wants them to touch her anywhere they can - my father, pat the tech i work with, etc. both of them do it for tamena, my friend - they LOVE her massages - they will crawl into her lap and stay there for hours if they let her. cant really blame them.

6) tugging. all the good toys can be involved in a tug game. clothes can be tugged on, leashes can be tugged, the good tennis balls can be tugged because mom bought 2000000 versions of the cool toy so we have backups - no matter where we are, what we are doing, both dogs will tug at the drop of a hat without any prompting. tug is heaven. its a godsend, its a stress release, and its just about the best thing on earth. in fact, rah has been known to self-release himself when he thinks hes done a good job and tug on something. smart ass self-rewards.

so, with that being said, i tag:

tab and red
melissa and dante
leanne and lexx
and anyone else that wants to do it :) im too tired to know if anyone else reads my blog reliably that hasn't already been tagged!

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M.T. said...

AHH!! You got me! Ok, next post up on Dante's blog will be a "tagged" post :) Now this requires a little thought ... and maybe some consultation and verification with Dante lol