Sunday, May 17, 2009

almost but not quite

first, im going to preface this with the fact that i cannot stop coughing still. im not too congested anymore, but the coff is deep down in the lungs now... the tickle is terrible and i can't stop COUGHING.

an almost finished CDX but not quite - so its a no. but i survived open B!!!!! and i have video to prove it.

got there, my GPS went crazy on the way. show up, unload the car, warm him up a bit. he's jazzed, as always. im stuck in between one of my old instructors and one of the girls i train with, second in the ring after the first set of stays.

get him in the ring, take off the leash - as make our way to the set up point for the DOR, rah spots a piece of food on the floor and DIVES for it - a strict leave it and he comes back to me, judge goes and removes it.

leave him for the drop and rah pretty much anticipates this one. because the judge didnt give a very clear signal and i called it fast, i think she gave me the benefit of the doubt. hes slightly crooked on the front, but dropped nice and fast. (now that i see myself show - relax on the front - arms to side, not so stiff). she comments to me "rather enthusiastic, aren't we"

then we go to the heeling- forgey mc forgerston is present and accounted for. of course the slow drove him crazy, he popped up all over the place, forged even further. both halts were nice though. yes, notice we almost hit the ring gate (and i know i make a face). i cant say anything good about my heeling.

move to fig8 - odd because the judge wasnt very close and thats the first time id had that - and i realized that i hadnt checked to see which side i would be on, so i just guessed :) you can see when we start out rah actually thinks he's going to take the jump and we bump. i need to control my right arm more to stop letting him push me (in general), and i stepped away from him, terry will kill me, on the first two steps. EEK.

ROH - i need to set up further back still, i think. you can see he almost anticipates that too but catches himself. he's not even looking at me as he comes over the jump, so no chance of him hitting that front. its like he doesn't even think of me until we almost collide. BUT HE DIDNT FIGHT ME TO OUT HIS PRIZED POSSESSION. i didn't do a single transition correctly as i had wanted to. which is why i lose rah with the db.

the bj... ahhh, my friend. of course a new problem... :) (DONT STEP BACK TO HIM IN THE SET UP). he's already up and taken a stride before i signal. front is MIA, he nails the finish.

apparently she was very conflicted as to what to do, because she didn't write the score and had a pained look on her face trying to decide what to do...

go to ROF, and yes, besides i start to use the wrong command! and i dont know what he is thinking here, but it's ACTUALLY kinda amazing if you look at it. he didn't pick up the db properly - but he corrects himself while running without dropping the db! of course by then we are too far gone to save the front... but nice finish. and yes, im saying "how did you do that?"... at one point while watching him it looked like he was going to bolt but he didnt...

the judge stopped me on the way out and told me we NQ'd the broad, but that she liked his enthusiasm and don't damper it, it will just take some work to control him. the people at the show loved him :)

so, more to work on. BUT HE DIDNT FIGHT ME TO OUT THE DB.

and i think im going to patent the db flip into the mouth while running...


Jen said...

He was so pleased with himself when he flipped the db in his mouth! And you saying "how did you do that?" was hilarious, I laughed so much. Great effort overall I think.

Kathie R said...

Nice job Kim! I love his enthusiasm. Looks like he would be great fun to train with.


M.T. said...

Hey i noticed we had the same heeling pattern!!! lol Great job!!!

And i hear ya about the cough ... i'm pretty much in the same boat as you in terms of that :( Blasted cough ...