Sunday, May 3, 2009

cough cough cough

so training updates. how about the short sweet version, since i have the plague or something?

no agility this week (did i say that already?). open - hmmm. was open. heeling, fronts, db, blah blah blah. cough cough cough. worked off center throws, thats all that i can remember.

novice - did separate heeling patterns, berlin did pretty well. worked on finishes, and im trying to get berlin to pop up every time!!! must remember not to do too many in a row. everything else was... just not so remarkable enough to stand out.

open - discussed how to work him with the front box and without, and interchanging. when hes making efforts to get to me in front, dont nitpick him for straight if hes close and trying. it will COME - accept that if its the littlest iota right now, dont let him lose the enthusiasm for it by ruining the entire exercise. did lots of fig8s. lots of heeling.

utility - worked a lot on moving stand and signals - really have to drill this no moving feet thing. he seemed to improve within class once he remembered what we were doing :) we worekd distraction - having people working and walking right behind the dog while i did them, and then people right behind me waving hands and making noise when we did them.

go outs - rah decided that he wouldnt turn and sit - he would turn and stand. it was a battle of wills, and it was purely because he wanted to do the jump. so we battled that in our own way. what a brat.

articles were lovely - we did three dogs at the same time and their piles all converging on each other and they ran towards each other to do them. in fact at one point i was talking and rah decided it was too long to wait and he went out and did his article without me. terry said dont correct him for that.

gloves - started out shitty and then i just worked on getting our pivots back.

i couldnt move for 2 daysbecause i am teh ded. today i feel a little better because the congestion in my chest is breaking up - worked berlin on finishes and some agility stuff in the living room (poorly, its too small in here). worked rah on pivots.

now im exhausted.

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Robin at Mannerly Mutts said...

Oh feel better!!! Allergies myself, but more what is in the way of Open Training is that I want Jack to be more reliable in some social aspects first.

I may go back and do some Novice B with him, and go for higher scores just to keep him in competition form.