Wednesday, May 6, 2009

my first day standing

i made it to work today. it was a big thing.

agility class was harsh. so was open. i had to sit down a lot and cough up lung pieces :)

agility- we started with the teeter and shaping 2o/2o - berlin was a superstar and got it immediately with her target. will continue to work at home with many objects, and ill also start it with the teeter as well. she's weird though - she does one behavior right - you'd think she'd rush to repeat it ad nauseum to earn her reward (considering she was right the very first time - it's not like frustration caused her to want to stop working - she literally got it right the very first time and earned her click immediately - the only dog to do so). no - she gets distracted and does other things. ill have to see if increasing her rewards next week changes that?

then we started with straight line jumping, working recalls, and eventually sends. berlin was a butthead, so we need to work this. she did half the line of jumps, but skipped the last one :) so ill have to make her a jump chute. to her defense she hasnt had a lot of foundation in jumping at all, so ill try to work that this weekend as well. not bad for a dog that hasnt worked at all really in 2 weeks. the jumps were working susan salo methodology of collection and extension.

in the end i brought rah out and did some work with him, and did some fake threadle-type things.

open ill get to later. i cant stop coughing

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M.T. said...

Yay, at least one of us is standing for longer than an hour or 30 minutes at a time!!! Hear ya about the lung pieces ...