Monday, May 11, 2009

monday monday...

well i managed to get some training with the dogs again today - had a half day of work (and have a half day tomorrow too).

worked outside again - ive been working mostly just heeling, and then i worked agility with roo.

i need to come up with a plan for my working with them outside - i feel like im just floundering outside - i want it short and to the point, but the heeling patterns are a little aimless since i dont have a ton of space (since the ground is SOAKED the minute you get to the field proper, and i "fall" into it at one point!) so i just have a straight away here. i need to go into the sessions with a definite plan on what i want to accomplish and get it done and end it there.

moved to agility with roo - did straight line recall jumping, then brought her out front and did some contact work on the teeter - the right side is weak weak weak! helped lydia with bunbun too.

of course, the videos. evidence that rah does still creep on the signals (of course he does - i just threw them in there, dont even know why - again, i didnt have a real plan!)

i apologize that i go off screen so much especially in berlins videos - its very hard to remember where the screen is, especially since berlin kept hitting it since it was on top of the meatball container :)

and at one point, i heel into the muddy muck of the field itself and my sneakers get gross so i take them off for the next video ;)

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