Thursday, April 8, 2010

class tonight

got to class early tonight, had some dinner, coughed up a lung, and then got to working some gloves with rah.

worked on pivots with gloves on the ground and just rewarded pivots - we were good.

worked on glove marks, we were good.

put it all together and he was fine with going out - but wouldnt come back with the glove and instead wanted to shake shake shake the glove and kill it and take his time coming back and play around.

put him on flexi and back to our problems. no pivots dont want to mark definitely dont want to go out. PAIN IN MY BUTT ARGH.

played around with fixing in, took him off the flexi again, followed him out and played from there.

went to berlin's class - almost noone showed up so it was just me and terry with law in this class so we worked some heavy distraction.

started with high jump and recalls - berlin doing ROH while law did recalls right next to each other and each dog had to wait and have the other dogs commands called for them. berlin did really well and never anticipated anything! we worked on trying to find her right distance - she's having trouble collecting herself to hit the front - but with all her agility work and grid work she should be able to gauge the distances just fine. we gave her more space and it didnt get better - so its going to be that she just needs to fix her front herself :) we will put down guides and work them again on our own.

switched it up and worked recalls while law was on the ROH - at one point the db came right into our path so berlin ran and retrieved it and came to front, what a silly girl :) she's so cute.

went and worked fig8's - she was PERFECT. did it off leash and she was just ON ON ON. terry said there wasn't a single thing as a judge she would or could have taken off for it. YES!!!!

moved onto ROF and broad jump - berlin did flat first while law putzed around on the broad. again with front issues - now its that she wasnt paying attention and when i reminded her, she over corrected. so that is something we will have to work again - she needs some front work on the flat before we incorporate it with the db i think. like rah, have db in mouth, front goes away :)

her bj was BEAUTIFUL - we did our first real official ones and i eliminated her double commands (SINCE THIS IS HOW I NQd RAH) and just sent her on a verbal. she was setting up like a dream, getting nice air, and had very cute fronts.

terry was commenting that berlins training was REALLY coming together and all the parts that had been causing a problem were really working.

went to heeling and at this point im practically coughing up a lung... the utility class shows up and we do some group heeling and i decided to drop berlins leash and start heeling. we did some pick up into heeling games so the dogs were working at catching up so they could figure out that they COULD be lagging and find their way back into heel. berlin was ON . then we did some heeling patterns on our own. i screwed up a few parts (didnt do a real fast, because i couldnt at this point run after 2 hours of training because my lungs were dead, and threw her out on a right turn) but she was right there with me and i loved it.

so berlin was such a good girl. THAT DOG I CAN TAKE IN THE RING. i have to have this confidence in her and she can do it. we can do it.

rah i have to beat him to get these gloves to work.

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