Friday, April 23, 2010

maryland update

home from the dobe specialty. good things happened and not so good things. im disappointed in myself for how i handled things most of all, not in the dogs themselves because the dogs really did try hard for the most part. we really only walked away with rah's first RAE leg with a QQ in rally Adv/Ex B. ill update fully tomorrow when im not exhausted and feeling better but right now im beyond phelgmy and congested (showing 6 times in a building called the cow palace, all within 4 hours of each other, is probably not the best for your bronchitis and by the last 2-3 runs - all of which were within 10 minutes of each other, i had a REAL hard time breathing and i was coughing up stuff which was gross). conveniently i had 4 hours in the car on the ride home to let my lungs rest.

now i sleep. tomorrow i work, then birthday dinner 1.5 months early with the family and sunday we show. hopefully i will be better for the dogs.

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Sam said...

sorry i didn't get to see you before you left - it was great meeting you and the dogs, they are all sweethearts (and i really enjoyed rah's ghost hunt in the last class of the day).