Sunday, April 25, 2010

a return to APDT rally

we haven't done APDT rally in pretty much exactly a year - one year ago last weekend rah finished his ARCHX at the k9crazy trial in NY! so this was our return :)

ill post more details later from maryland still, i know i owe you guys that -- right now i have to go do some laundry and rest a bit.
11 runs, 8 placements, 4 first places (they ran out of blue ribbons, so we're missing 3!), 2 seconds and 2 fourths, and one NQ. finished one title - mercury's RL1.

Berlin got two RL2 legs, one RL1X leg
Mercury finished his RL1 and got one RL2 leg
Rah got one RL1X2 leg, 2 legs towards his ARCHEX and 2 legs each towards his RL2X2 and RL3X

not bad!


Urban canines said...

Congratulations!!! Looks like you had a successful and very busy weekend!

Sam said...

They all did awesome today. I was really so glad that I got to meet all of them - I really like Dobermans and have done some research on them (I'm hoping that I'll find that they're right for me and that I'll have one in the future) - so to see them all working and chilling out on the sidelines was a treat. What a nice bunch of dogs. I don't blame you for jetting out quickly at all, I'm surprised you had the energy in you to stay for the second trial - two runs and I was pooped, I can't imagine 11!

I'm glad you said that about that other dog - I didn't know if Marge did something to set him off or what but I really don't think she did. I moved her behind the wall once he started growling but it didn't seem like that was enough.. and I totally get what you're saying about behavior issues, you obviously have MUCH more experience than I do RE behavior and medical stuff, but it's sometimes hard to hold my tongue when someone is blatantly doing something wrong or making incorrect claims..

I'm sure I'll see you again sometime! Marge would love to meet you - she was a total attention whore today (who would have thought it..)

Dawn said...

WooHOO. Sounds and looks like a fabulous time. I love APDT.