Tuesday, April 13, 2010

tagged, im it...

i was tagged in the photo game...

1) open your first picture folder
2) find the tenth picture
3) post it
4) explain the story

the irony is, the picture isn't even of my dog, its of lydias :)
this is lydia trying to stack bunny - she had just groomed her and she was trying to get an indoor stacked shot of her almost a year ago to see how she was growing and to send it to the breeder.

this past weekend we had the match on saturday - i worked the entire match in the utility ring, mostly as judge (even with my bronchitis!)

rah had 2 utility runs, 2 open runs and berlin had 2 novice runs.

berlins novice run (the first one) was great. she was almost wonderfully perfect. slightly back on her straight straight sits, but nice. great heeling - slight lag (like, cm lag?) for a split second on the outer post of the fig 8 but she pushed up and fixed it on her own. perfect SFE. funny fronts and we need to fix that. heel free was marvelous. i was so happy with it all, i just played with her later.

rah's utility was disaster. not really, but i feel very not hopeful right now. signals and articles were fine. moving stand not bad, neither was go outs. but god, gloves are broken.

open wasn't bad, just maintenances pieces.

gloves. ugh. ugh .ugh.

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doberkim said...

oh i need to tag people -- ummm, do it if you want to :) im really bad at tagging people ... please, if you want to do it then do it!