Friday, August 13, 2010

im so bad

i have so much to update-
i have to do a play by play of the runs at all star (i now have video!)
i have to go through agility two weeks ago (i at least have the courses)
i have to go through training this week
i also have video from the training session at top dog.

training this week was good. we're still out of agility, and next week is regionals (or maybe the week after? so we don't start until the 1st. i have to schedule some privates until then, and start working back in the yard once the heat breaks. did open and u tility with rah - started cracking down on his crazed heeling. his retrieves were better, and on monday kathy invited me to do some training with her and i worked some jump grids with him to get him more comfortable with jumping again. his fronts are kicking butt and we did some DOR work to proof him, some nice pivot work (great attention). go outs have been kicking butt, no matter what the distraction. signals will be the death of me.

berlin was very cute at training yesterday - very animated heeling and we worked on playing right into heeling and back to playing, rinse lather and repeat. her fronts and recalls were very nice, SFE perfect as were her stays. ill show her one of these days. im toying around with a few things in my mind for both of them.

maybe ill share some of the videos tonight...

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