Thursday, August 19, 2010

mynx's 21 gun salute...

no agility this week, we're all missing miss mynx. from mynx's "grandmom" -

It is with a heavy heart that I share that retired Military Working Dog Mynx, CA71, is now an angel. She has left our country a safer place while also making it a happier and loving place.

Mynx, a Belgian Malinois, retired from our armed forces to Debbie's home.

Mynx came into Debbie's house full of vigor and life, even though she had seen bad things and outlived her handler, Rick. Her body showed signs of her working career. And even though the stress of military life is hard on humans and canines, Her heart stayed strong no matter what.

Mynx quickly learned Dog Agility -- leaving her Bomb sniffing days behind -- and was very happy with her new life. And she loved her Mom Debbie with a passion. While we used to joke about it, Mynx still wanted to scan new places like hotels for bombs. The joke being that if Mynx sat, you better run!

In Agility, Mynx quickly got to the AKC Excellent level and USDAA Advanced and Masters. She showed and qualified in agility even after she lost sight in one of her eyes. Debbie and Mynx were looking forward to showing at USDAA nationals this year.

But Mynx's biggest role in her retired life was that of counselor. She was the lifeline Debbie and Rick's family needed after his death. Nothing can express or replace the importance of that role.

Sadly, Mynx's body gave out suddenly this week. There is no doubt the rigors of her service to our country were a factor.

So please give all you dogs a hug tonight. And in your heart, as you pet your dogs, please give a 21 Gun Salute to Mynx, who gave so much of her being to help keep us safe.

God Speed Mynx.

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Sam said...

I read this on the NJ agility list, and though I didn't know Mynx and only know Debbie by name, my deepest condolences for the passing of a hero.