Wednesday, August 25, 2010

this coming weekend

we got into a trial this sunday thats often very hard to get into - its very small and limited and indoors and air conditioned (yay) - i entered five months ago!!!!

berlin AND rah got in - im not going to show berlin i dont think. and i forgot i entered rah in open B - i dont remember what rah was entered in, but they have him in u tility B. im going to see if i can get him moved to utility A because i think it might be an error, though i could have entered him in b to see if i could get an UDX leg if it was going for our last leg.

so im nervous. trying not to be.


delilahbowie said...

How do you deal with show nerves? I trialed this weekend and was ridiculously nervous vet school final exam nervous.

Good luck Rah and Berlin!

Sam said...

Best of luck over the weekend. :)