Saturday, August 14, 2010

videos from all star

here are some videos from all star:

round 1, diane obrien - rah's most "controlled" round. we lost 6.5 points -

i was really pleased with both db fronts in this round!!!!

round 2 - don levinson. the first thing in the ring is where don almost knocks a ring gate over and scares the crap out of rah. takes me about 30 seconds or more to get him back into set up.

then before the fig8, don talks to me about rahs illegal collar. then of course, the infamous shitty ROH, where i have a short throw and rah has a crappy pick up - combined we get a "no chance" return. rah is definitely nervous in this round. but WE RECOVERED!!!!!

round 3. fred buroff. THE CRASH.
rah blows the DOR - not because he doesn't see my drop, but because he's running not to me but away from the judge. he's crazed. not thinking. should have given him a verbal (as both my trainers observe on the video). then... the high jump. but we recover.

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