Friday, April 18, 2008

the odor is overwhelming

Tyler in the past month, has developed gas. Dobermans are known for their gas, and Tyler's has become fairly noxious - it's not terrible and constant, but damn, when he's laying on the ground at my feet, the fumes waft up and hit me in the face something fierce.

two nights of class leave me tired tired tired.

Wednesday night started with agility - far be it from me to say what to do and not do, since I am a virtual novice in agility, but there are certain things from reading, having others that do it seriously, and taking a few classes that I feel I know. we started with weaves, then to chute, and rah did fine. then we did a-frame, and she wants me to let rah jump off the top (hes not bailing - he full fledged jumped off the top of the full height a-frame to get the cookie in my hand) and landed on my arm - thats a lot of weight. then we worked on hit it on the teeter, on table, and then she wants us to use targets for contacts ... but im strict about my sense of target, and she's not targeting - she's using the target area that the dog lays down on and maintains contact with t nonstop until released - thats not a target, thats a separate behavior, so i have to retrain it.

moved to berlins attention class, she did well for her little puppy self - we got longer "rests" and she did well with attention. started with with me's, incorporated her name into it and she's very good with the name game! we did moving attention, stationary attention from front and from heel position, and i cannot remember what else...

took time out for an hour, and then to rah's class. started with heeling - intensive heeling around the room for about 15 minutes. i was so about to die, GOD!!! then we did it OFF LEASH... sore muscles screaming at me, it was hot as heck in there, Rah was panting his fool head off and emitting heat like a little furnace. He did much better off leash than on - I really need to figure out this on lead stuff, damnit - I think I need to go back to double leashing him and he needs to be more consistent. He has a very consistent body and head placement with off leash, but on he is all over the place. I wonder if part of it is me using a very short lead, so every time I move he is all over the place. Next week I am going to try a longer leash and see how that works for him. I am also going to put my hand back into neutral position for heeling.

Then we worked the right turn in the figure 8 -- Rah's favorite part of anything we do in Novice, and his superstar time to shine. Needless to say, we didn't work that long :) He's super for it, and drives around the turn like no other!

Brought out the db and worked holds, and did some short retrieves. Then brought out high jumps and worked cookie marks over the HJ. Then did stays, and the end to a long night.

moving onto thursday night - we warmed up with some heeling, and somewhere along the line i must have stepped on Rah's foot, because after the heeling (Rah wasn't half bad, a little in my face (or more pointedly, all over my body and crooked), when we set up for fig8's I noticed he was bleeding! Poor Rah!

We set up two rings for Broad jumps, ROF, ROH, etc - Rah did well with ROH with such a small ring, but it was really really tight for him. The BJ was perfect, he went out nicely and turned to me , but I need to work on getting those fronts straight straight straight. I will probably need to get some guide boards out. Same for fronts with the db - he sometimes gets so focused with his mouth/db that he forgets to line his bum up :)

Things were really tight, since we had so many extra people there - then we moved to recalls. Rah was a butthead and every single time Terry said call your dog, he came. So he didn't get to do a single recall, and I made him wait and returned to him each and every time bad bad bad bad bad bad bad dog.

We finished up open with some more heeling, and then onto utility.

Started with scent articles, and Rah started with Week three - he did everything perfectly, yay Rah!!! Then we moved to gloves. He's good with the mark up to a distance of about 15 feet pretty much, even with all three of them out on the floor (I'm honestly not sure how far he will have to do in competition), but he is shaking the glove once he picks it up, so I need to work on that.

Then we did go outs, and Rah did a 15-20 foot go out (off flexi, still since I am a flexi-tard) and is sitting pretty reliably when told to. Terry even took the food away and he did a go out without the food, WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Then directed jumping, and he did very well then too - in training I was able to move him in to almost middle (10 feet), I only moved him in 5 feet in class, but Terry says I should have gone further. However, we did start him coming directly back to me to get his toy rather than me throwing it -- we also started me just giving a hand signal v. a verbal command to go over. Heck, Rah went over once just on an EYE flicker. Terry was happy with that because it shows him really paying attention, woohoo.

Ended on the start of his moving stand, and signals, which we will have to do much more of next week. I cannot believe it's a new week next week, where did this session go?!?!?!?!

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