Saturday, April 26, 2008

outside, you say?

Worked Rah outside today for about 15 minutes - kept it short because
1) I was still in work clothes, which aren't necessarily the best thing for training
2) Berlin was in the yard screaming her head off at me training him
3) there were people riding motorbikes about 100 feet away which was a little weird for me, so I didn't want him off leash all the time around them and didn't want to push it.

Revved him up with his tug toy and got him going, and I think I'm going to have to use his toy more outside, because that really gets him going. Heeled him up and down, and while in the first minute I didn't have such wonderful attention, he popped right back and by 5 minutes in, he was all over me and giving me wonderful attention.

If I do get daring enough to try the BH with him, I'm not going for the schutzhund about turn - I'm just going to do left about turns with him - i will have to work on cleaning those up for him.

Anyway, nice attention, good sits, but poor outs :) he was good though and brought his toys back to me after I tossed them and he was a Very Good Boy.

Worked some stays - 30 seconds sit and 30 seconds down - not allowed to sniff, eat grass, or roll. Very good, very good.

All in all, very encouraging. Tomorrow is the ADA show, I will work him more there, and I am going to try to get the men to do SFE's for him.

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Marie said...

Kim, I have added you and included in intro to your blog. I used the photo of Rah. I hope that was ok. (God he is beautiful.)