Sunday, April 6, 2008

the sunday match show

went to the match show this morning - i was able to get rah 2 spots (i could have gotten him more, but i was tired, so was he, and i was concerned i may have seen him limping, so two was our limit today!) for novice run throughs, which was good for us considering he's entered this coming week!

im VERY pleased with how he worked... so was judy, who was our judge today - she said since the last time she judged us (she's VERY critical!), she's seen a TON of improvement and she was very happy with it, which made me even happier that someone else could see it too - especially someone that doesn't see him work every week! i think she last saw him in january, so that was nice.

we did ring entrances, and that was good for him, he did two nice set ups. his on leash heeling was so-so - definitely qualifying, a crooked sit in one, but not the rapt attention he can give, and he went wide on the about turn near the entrance.

his fig8 was MUCH better than it normally has been - that was an area i saw a definite improvement this time, and so did judy - he had his head up, he didn't bump into me nearly as much as he normally does, and he was good!

SFE was perfect, transition to off lead was very good -

his off leash heeling, though, was phenomenal, which was AWESOME< yay rah!!!!! with me the entire time, head up non stop, perfect position, straight sits, i was so pleased! judy says i screw him up with the leash, which is totally true...

recall was good, i screwed up his finish by moving his hands so we fixed that, and he held his stays, GOOD BOY (they were open length)... so that would have been a qualifying run!

the second run we had an issue setting up for the fig8 because his boyfriend simon was coming in, and rah was focused on him, so he needed to be reminded that we were working here, but all in all, it was very similar to the first run.

im pleased with how it went, and if he can do that in the ring next week, i'd be happy. fingers crossed.

time to nap, watch a movie, then clean the house and work scent articles and more figure 8s!!!!

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Donnie said...

Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your writing! thanks for the dobe blog!