Monday, April 14, 2008

train schmain

worked directed jumping yesterday - set up both jumps in the backyard and used a tennis ball as his reward for correct jumps. i was able to get him moved in about 4-5 feet from both jumps and he was still successfully taking each jump on command.

however, being the smartass, flying high sort of trainer i am, i was totally convinced that my dog fully understood the commands to take each jump (no), and that rah would be able to differentiate from where he was which jump i wanted him to take (he couldnt) and we would be doing some semblance of directed jumping on a smaller backyard scale (we didnt)... when in fact, rah really hasnt fully grasped yet that its my arm that is giving him the cue of WHICH jump to take - right now hes just taking the jump i am standing nearest to. oh well, thats why we TRAIN these things, right? remember kim - he's only been training DJ for THREE WEEKS, and we've only working this a total of FOUR TIMES. breathe. take your time.

working the last night of week two of ATC tonight, and tomorrow i will move him onto week three - he worked the full pile very well, and im proud of that. if i had been working him every night as i had originally intended, he would be on week 5 now i think - but alas i am a lazy trainer on some nights and have no desire to do things. bad bad bad bad kim.

rah also did some nice heeling around the backyard last night in the failing daylight - when distracted his auto-sits went out the window, but his positioning wasnt too bad.

right now the puppy is being incredibly annoying, which is surprising because she trained tonight for 45 minutes working attention, releases, marking, db take its, etc. and weve discovered im too fat to do attention work the traditional TD manner...

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