Friday, November 21, 2008

a little work never hurt anyone

training classes wed and thurs...

wed night rah had open. heeling was nice - he was attentive but not too pushy - almost floaty. very nice for him. i was sore from all of it by the end, but it was nice.

worked on straight fronts off the ROF and ROH - he did a fairly nice job of it, but i still need to build him his front box - thats on the menu for today. i bought PVC in 1/2 and 3/4 inch, we shall see! he went out for the DB every time enthusiastically though. his broad jump was nice, we played maint. games for it.

didnt do any drop, because i wasnt sure if i was going to be showing him or not. i ended up skipping the shows yesterday and today, but oh well. i talked to kathy last night and i think i want to move him up to open and get him ready for it. i think he wants to go go go go go !

his fig8's were nice, he's moving out of my way, it looks much better. finally after 2 years!

stays were perfect, out of sight, im very proud of him!

last night, berlin worked novice. her heeling was nice, she was working nice attention. she's starting to set up a little crooked so i am working on that - she's getting her butt straight, but her front feet are just the slightest bit off center, so im working on keeping that straight. we worked on heeling with distractions - then we did recalls and she did nicely, but she gets so exciting coming into me, that she always forgets the front!
her SFE - she didnt want to do the stands, i reminded her and she did them, but shes still popping out to the side, must work against a barrier . she's broken! broken broken broken!

stays were uneventful. took open off last night, and then rah worked utility.

signals were nice - except the one i did like the moving stand :) oops!
articles were PERFECT - im very proud of him!!!!
we worked go outs - hes still very confused by me trying to call him off the food without him getting it, they think i should try to put a toy out there and call him off the toy instead, because the food is just overloading him. of course my ineffecient timing wasnt helping, either. his DJ was good though -but he cant think he can control where i send him! so every time he thought he knew where he was going, i sent him to the other jump.

we thought we could do agility yesterday morning but the lesson was cancelled, so he ran around and we just played with some jumps. hes so goddamned fast....

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