Friday, November 14, 2008

syracuse updates

well, here they are.

im happy and sad and frustrated. rah is sucked and not performing as well as he should be, and its my fault for making dumb decisions for him. i DID show him yesterday because he warmed up so well, but i worked him too much and he did a great SFE but everything else fell apart in the ring. today berlin barked her fool head off while we were working and he had a lot of trouble working through her screams, but we were qualifying(not pretty, i think we had a 180?) but apparently he repositioned during the long down and NQ'd us while i was walking away. however, every dog except him and the dog next to him broke and started running around the ring and HE HELD HIS DOWN SO THAT IN MY MIND WAS A HUGE BIG MOTHERFUCKING STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

tomorrow they have a match i think and i am going to enter him in it, i think. and work him through this crap. crap i CAUSED.

berlin, on the other hand, is a supa-star. she took first in NovB both days (rally) and finished her RN WOOHOO and beat like 15-20 dogs each day. she's been a super good girl except for her barking while rah is working. poor rah.

i regret showing him monday. UGH rah deserves better than me.


manymuddypaws said...

we all make mistakes and bad calls- but the great thing about dogs is that they are forgiving.

don't beat yourself up

Lexxsmom said...

there is NO way that Rah would EVER want anyone but you. mistakes and all, you're his whole life and you know that!