Wednesday, November 19, 2008

some work at the house...

well, syracuse is over and done with. i ended up not staying for sunday - rah was off his game in a big way, and his skin was worse than ever. came home and started meds - he's on steroids, chloramphenicol (antibiotics), and im going to start atopica again on friday after the show. he cant live like this, my poor man. the good news is, even with just two of the three, he's feeling much more comfortable and can lay down now without chewing himself raw. and he's not bleeding all over the place now!

monday we took the day off and just took a nice long hike (i never post pics here, im so bad, so here is one!) and the dogs had a blast.

we're back in classes tonight, it's been TWO WEEKS that we havent had class on wed, and three i think on thurs since i missed all last week - HOW WEIRD!!! i still haven't decided if im showing rah tomorrow morning, but...

yesterday i started berlin off on some utility stuff. she learned some basic go outs, and she thinks they are hilarious - in fact, later on i tried to do some pivots and heeling, and i walked her up to my gate and she tried to touch the stanchion for a cookie :) GOOD GIRL - now to understand that its not just get the cookie, its go out STRAIGHT until i tell you stop :)

also worked some marking of cookies - specifically i put multiples down and had her mark only one, and that was the one she was allowed to go get. she did well!

if only she had a good solid retrieve, i would be able to start scent articles - i think i may have a way to start some basics for her without a good retrieve though - doesnt involve retrieving, she can indicate without it. but we DO have to work on this whole retrieve thing.

then i brought rah out -worked on his go out with a turn and sit - BEFORE he gets to the stanchion. he seemed to understand it - its very tight timing though on BOTH our parts.

today im going to take them outside and work on some directed jumping - berlin will learn it, rah will proof it. berlin has really nice jumping form though, so it shouldnt be an issue.

i just dont know about showing rah tomorrow... but id hate to end his novice career on such a crappy note. wouldnt be so bad if i didnt have to leave th ehouse at 5:30-6 each morning to show. POO.

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