Tuesday, November 11, 2008

pulling rah

I think I've made the decision to pull rah from two of the shows in Syracuse - the two i am showing to men. practiced some SFE's to men, and he's not up to where I want him to be - and rather than risk him 1) having a bad experience in the ring 2) learning he can get away with it in the ring or 3) god forbid, someone views him as a dobe acting aggressively (even though hes a weenie) - i cant risk it - so terry and i think its safest to just pull from those runs.

which sucks - i had hoped he would be able to handle it, but i dont want to have BAD runs... terry said i could just skip all of syracuse - but thats a lot of entry fees (almost 200 bucks) -- but i would save myself like... over 340 bucks in hotel fees, gas, and food? but berlin should finish her RN this weekend... i SHOULD go. i SHOULD.

i shouldnt let rah's pulling from half the trial taint the rest of what we can do up there.

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Dawn said...

I think its very respectful of Rah not to do something that could cause him stress just because its already paid for. Good luck with the classes you do!