Saturday, November 15, 2008

well, i think our syracuse trip is over!

berlin did well today too - i ROBBED her of first place and her 99 by having to redo a station because i forgot to tell her front!!! she was standing in front of me and since i didnt say front, she just went back to heel - ARGH! would have been nice to have three blue ribbons - as is, we didnt place at all in this class, but thats ok - we ended up with a 96. so her scores were 99 - 94 - 96 in this cluster - her attention wasnt as good, but i can tell she's getting tired. but two first places, and a new RN :) WOOHOO BERLIN!

rah is a mess. i dont know if i posted it, but i cultured his skin prior to leaving last week, and it came back - as some nasty stuff. he has MRSI -- methicillin resistant staph intermedius. which is bad bad bad bad bad - MRSA (methicillan resistant staph aureus) is the nosocomial infection you worry about getting when you are in the hospital, and rah has a similar one. he's sensitive to TWO antibiotics right now - one that can harm his kidneys and the other that can hurt ME by causing aplastic anemia...

anyway, i didnt start him on anything, since i got the results monday, figuring i would do it when we got back (true to form, i picked the drug, chloramphenicol, that would hurt ME _ cant risk rah's kidneys!) - but his skin is getting worse with all the rain up here, he's a big red raw pustule. he's so itchy, i had to start him back on steroids last night.

my poor baby- once we get home tomorrow im starting him on antibiotics and im going to start atopica again - i just need to get metoclopramide to stop him from yacking, and i need to freeze the atopica. his skin is getting out of control.

anyway, they cancelled the match at the show today - combined with my feelings of doom and rah's just general blah-ness, i think im not going to show him tomorrow. we will stay in the hotel because, lets face it - we all seem to like hotels and i already paid for today anyway, but tomorrow morning im going to pack up and just come home i think, rather than show him. his class doesnt start until noon, and we wouldnt be able to leave until 1-2 pm, putting me home at 6-7 pm or so. rather, i think ill leave at 10 am and get home at 2-3 pm so the dogs can hang out at home and i can do some cleaning around the house. get some stuff done. laundry. probably clean the rabbit.

im still angry that i broke rah this week, but i feel like we can overcome it. i wish we had the match to do some work, but im going to approach training this week like always and see how we do. it sucks that were on first thing at both shows this coming week in reading - we shall see if terry things i should show him or not. ill talk to kathy and terry wed night.

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