Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'd like to share the following with you -

BERLINS LIFE IS OVER. she is full of woe. she is never showing again EVAR.

she came into heat last night (we dont want to talk about it) and she has to wear panties again and today she is full of emo about the entire situation. she also ate her pad and lydia had to induce vomiting. mental note - do not let her wear the XL thunder thigh panties unattended.

so she's on the sideline for the next month, she definitely wont be coming with us to see rah show (must make other plans for her). im wondering if she will be ready for march APDT?

my woe for the night? class is cancelled due to snow. I'm NEVER going to get back to class before rah shows. seriously - we haven't worked outside the house in at least 2 weeks - and if he gets into GSA's show next friday, an NQ is to be expected. eeeeeek. there's no class tomorrow night because terry is judging down in wildwood at sand n sea - thank god i didnt enter them or i would have had to eat those entry fees.

but in the midst of all this woe, i have one little itty bitty glimmer of HAPPINESS...

cdsp rankings came out, i didn't think much of it, i only showed rah a handful of times.

my handsome blue boy?
made the Top 20 for his division!!!!
RANKED 11th in the nation in Nov B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can i get an

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M.T. said...

OOHRAH!!!!!!!! :)

Sorry about Berlin ... and sorry again because i just had to chuckle and laugh when i read about her :D