Thursday, January 1, 2009

a little privacy

had the private lesson yesterday - went well.

started with berlin - she took the db happily for about 10 minutes, but we were trying to get her to move with it - she was clearly confused. we tried a bunch of things. first, getting her to move with the db in her mouth with food, then luring her with a second db. tried restrained recalls with the db - in the end we ended up using a second leash to put under her chin and i just grabbed her flat collar and we trotted around the room - the faster she moves, the less she thinks about the db. her problem is the minute you reward her at all, she thinks its time to out the db! shes clearly confused, so we used as little force as possible (though after awhile she stopped taking it, so i did place the db into her mouth) - we didnt have to do a forced retrieve.

then we went to rah - and we worked his broad jump and his fronts together. hes been anticipating his signal on the broad jump because he loves it so much, so if i just hang out next to the jump and dont send him, he eventually just takes the jump - we worked that out (i was afraid the judge being there saying "send your dog" would just make it worse), then we worked on his route after the jump and to get to front. i have his front box made, so we spent an hour doing that. bless his soul he will do that repeatedly over and over again - and he was so silly! she was setting up cones for him to have a barrier on the side to prevent a wide turn, and he decided that they were to be gone around as well. he did well with the front box a few times, but when he gets jazzed up or is moving fast thats when he cant be bothered with the box.

i ended up working them for about 2 hours, and we have open training later today for new years day. im exhausted and didnt sleep well last night... a lot more details went down in the class, but im too tired and lazy to write them all down.

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