Sunday, January 25, 2009

so, we're still clearing up the cough (now mercury has it). so do at least 5 dogs rah showed with 2-3 weeks ago. and so do tons and tons of dogs that go to doggie day care, one of which has closed down for a few days. and we're on high alert for canine influenza again, and animerge has sent out bloodwork. im not worried about this crew - they are getting better, but its clearly the viral strain as the abx aren't making a damn difference. it just has to run its (long painstakingly loooooong course).

but it means we're housebound. no match show sat. no show today. no classes last week. hopefully we will be well enough in 4 days to go to class this week. we shall see.

RAH HAS A SHOW IN 12 days. we need to get to class!

all we've done is work fronts. fronts fronts fronts. fronts fronts fronts. fronts frontst fronts fronts fronts.

great way to make your open debut - dont take your dog to class or train anything because he is infectious.

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