Sunday, January 4, 2009

a recap of the new year day

it seems all i do is run late here...

new years day was open training at hunterdonk and i took both dogs and pretty much was there for 4 hours. i brought my homemade monkey bread (which was a huge hit!) and it was nice - i was able to train for 10-15 minutes then sit down, hang out for a bit, and then train again.

started with rah - i set the entire ring up, and then worked on ring entrances with rah, taking the leash off, and heeling him over to a set part to start the heeling. did that for 10 minutes or so, then worked fronts, DOR, ROF, and ROH. his fronts are still so so. qualifiable but not perfect. im going to lose most of my points there.

put him away and brought out the baby girl - worked her mostly on heeling - she had nice attention but she was a little distracted by the new dogs at first. i did some moving attention, some cooperation, and she settled in nicely. im working on moving her position forward a tad (i know, terry will KILL ME) and keeping her active and attentive.

break time, then brought rah out. worked fronts with rah again, then i started heeling practice with him, left pivots, etc. then we started go outs - turning him off the toy. then we did directed jumping and he was a total screw up. elsie said the distraction of new dogs, and having a 4 foot wide jump was oto much for him.

put him away, brought berlin out and moved the jumps closer - worked her on some baby directed jumping. she did well there.

brought rah out, worked on retrieves and did scent articles. he nailed them.

called it a day.

im sure there was a lot more, but i just cant remember it. i know i did signals, i did set ups, etc. but... just cant remember too tired...

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