Thursday, January 8, 2009

open class last night

last night was open - got there early and brought mercury, who was just happy to get out of the house i think :) (lydia comes home tomorrow)

we started with stays - he was fine, but he sat up after the out of sight down when i was in heel position waiting for her to say exercise finished. if he blows our Q for doing that i will strangle him!!!!!!!!!!!

we started with retrieve on the flat, and we used boards to get straight fronts. restrained retrieves first, and he was so jazzed up i had him lifted off the ground he was so keyed up. we had a breakthrough on how he was sitting crooked even though hes coming in straight - hes putting his right front foot more forward than his left after he sits, so its making him crooked overall and we're working on that. then we did some formal retrieves and that was nice. good fronts.

moved to drops - regular fronts mixed with DOR's and he was shaking he was so excited. i have to make sure when he drops that he goes all the way to the ground - sometimes he's so anticipating the call from the drop that he is hovering over the ground - and while other dogs that have hair can get away with it, he's got no hair to hide it ;)

brought out the jumps and the broad jump - his broad jump was LOVELY and he came in perfectly straight so i only did 2-3 of them. very pleased with that. i had one guide on top, one cone at the tip of the guide, and one cone to the right of where he would come in for front to prevent him from rotating.

his ROH was rought - he focused in lovely, he went over the jump each time and even did it when it was a really tough retrieve both times - one was very tight (when he landed he was pretty much on top - the other was a throw where it landed right in front of the crates and he had to go up to the dogs in their crates to get it. but him coming back and getting into front in that short of space isrough rough rough. i had forgotten his front box at work - i need to do all these on flexi's too.

then we did heeling - he's not cutting me off nearly as much, but now he's pressing his face into my hand. but the heeling wasn't bad.

im tired and going to nap before class tonight. had to shop for curtains this morning and also traded cars with my dad, so i have the suburban tonight.

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