Saturday, January 31, 2009

we didnt go to the match today - rah has only coughed twice, so i think we are DONE WITH THE COUGH _ ive taken him off atopica for a few days because i think it was suppressing his immune system and im letting him just fight this off.

speaking of this evil koff, one of the other dogs exposed (a dobe that my friend has) is in the ER with pneumonia now, so think good thoughts - i saw him yesterday and immediately transferred him to animerge, he looked like shit. poor tory.

its crazy having these housebound dogs (Even worse with the roo in heat!) is ridiculous - ive cut rah's portions back to his summer meal size (if you recall, rah eats next to nothing because he is so inactive over the summer because he hates the heat and normally is CRAZY in the winter!) - and im taking all the extra weight i can off of him since hes going to be jumping so much and i want him as lean as i can for obedience - a dog his size is going to be rough on the directed jumping, etc - so im keeping him at 90 lbs or so. which is rough on him, he says - its dog abuse.

going to get them up and work on some fronts, retrieves, and drops in a bit. havent worked heeling at all in weeks. that scares me that im showing in 6 days.

so help me god if there is a snowstorm next week and i cant get to training, im going to die.
i have to brave the weather and get to the mailbox and see if i even got into the show. some other people got entries today...

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