Saturday, March 7, 2009

day one trial updates

got back from the trial this afternoon - the dogs did well. silly mistakes with rah cost us perfect scores in both runs (argh!) but all three runs were 207's, which is funny - berlin equalled her big brothers scores :)

rah went first in level one - and he was completely staring at me when i gave him the stand command and he just stared and me (maybe moved his butt?) but didn't stand... so i had to give him a second command and retry that station (bye bye three points for our 207) - everything else was good, but we were heeling slow because the floors there are super squishy and hard to heel on!

berlin was last in the class - it was a HUGE course and the entire ring was the size of TWO AKC rings, and it was more heeling that she's ever done in a show, but she handled it well. lagged a bit on the very last straight-away, and she had two crooked sits, but she did everthing else nicely. i was too close to the gate for her lateral front for the bonus and she was crooked and couldnt do it straight because of the ring gate!

rah's level two class - again, huge course - and we had a perfect score up until the bonus... and it was the moving down where you have to down them while you move away -- and for some reason i decided to do it differently all of a sudden??? and because i did it that way, he didn't view it as the same exercise so he downed immediately, then started heeling again - so i had to retry, and he did it perfectly the second time, but we only got 7 points for it. the bonus doesn't count AGAINST you but i didnt get all 10 points for it (weve never screwed thatone up before!) so there went our 210 - i cost him that one.

rah was out of the placements in each run, he was 6th place i think each time. miss berlinaroo though took 2nd place (first place had a 208), so i was proud of her!

i got a video of rah's run, and i have some video of berlin heeling outside from this afternoon. it's ungodly hot. i set up some ring gates and jumps and tried to work rah with utility and just frustrated both of us so i brought out berlin instead.

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TabLVT said...

Sounds great! Congrats on the placements! I would love to see those videos =)