Sunday, March 29, 2009

the delay, oh the delay!

seriously, i need to stay on top of this :)

ok, ok - wednesday classes first.

agility - lydia brought bunny for a drop in (though debbie wasn't convinced she could do a drop in, she did pretty well - first, lydias done agility before and second, ive kept her abreast of what we've been doing in class so she's been able to work some of the stuff and third, she's done some stuff with chris during merc's lessons).

started with reviewing some things - targets, on the ground, driving them to the target, etc. berlin loves her target, she's almost OCD target. practicing last night i am having issues getting her to hold her target position because she wont play alone with the toy, and since debbie doesnt want the food delivered on the target, im not sure how to get her to hold her position since my dogs will both offer the touch and then immediately return to me - they dont just push their heads down repeatedly. major difference between dobe and bc!

we worked on handling and circles - for some reason berlin hates this and kept trying to cut behind me so i had to catch her back on each hand i was handling her on, ill have to work on this more. of course, its disgusting outside right now so the last thing i want to do is go and run around outside.

then we worked on front crosses on the flat. i need to be careful with my arm position and keeping her far enough behind me. practicing this at home last night with rah was TOUGH because he's never far behind me!!!!

then we reviewed the wraps we had done the week before (apparently i had also been an overachiever and had practiced the wrong wraps too - i had been doing pulls and sends and all these different things but berlin will go around anything, so good for us), and then we incorporated the front crosses into sending them around the stanchion which berlin liked.

went home for a bit, and then came back down for open later that night. i dont remember much that was too distinctive about open, so ill just say we did open :)

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