Friday, March 13, 2009

i am full of fail

yes, i am full of fail.

this is a very long, convoluted, not-necessarily-involving-training-my-dogs-full-of-fail-story so bear with me.

for those who don't have access to my actual lj (where rah's OTCH journey/blog really started, and then moved to it's own LJ, before it ended up here), i had to go to the dentist yesterday. i started having tooth pain on sunday when i crunched down and it was SHOOTINGBLINDINGOUCHOUCHOUCH
and i spoke to my mom and she got me an emergency appt even though her boss is in italia so i had to see a new dentist.

i have never had a problem with going to the dentist - probably because ive never had tooth problems. (cant say its just because my moms an assistant, because my grandfather being a doctor certainly doesn't make going and getting blood taken any easier... but thats a novella all unto itself). but the entire thought, even the notion, that i had a cavity, had me in knots all week. nauseous. on the verge of tears. i barely slept all week.

so i get there, get cleaned, they take full mouth xrays. i think im in the clear, the dentist comes in, and he sees the tinest, teeniest, little cavity. ARGH@#$!@#$!@#$. and he also thinks that all my sealence/resins that are getting discolored may be harboring decay (dun dun dun).

i popped a xanax adn told my mom i needed gas for this - they lightly sedated me (i was still able to talk, just out enough to not feel the novacaine) and they numbed me. went to work on 29 and 30 (on the lower right)... we're holding off on the others because my mom wants my regular dentist to give a second opinion :) but lydia got a front row seat and watched the entire thing over my moms shoulder.

anyway, i got home after we went out for lunch where i numbly ate some food, and passed out on the couch... AND SLEPT THROUGH TRAINING CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i woke up at 8:30, which was right when utility started - i missed novice and open! i didnt feel like getting up and going, i was so out of it - so i just hung out on the couch. my mouth was uber sore and where i got the needles it ached like hell.

woke up this morning and just couldnt get out of bed - sore jaw, migraine, and didn't really feel like driving 2.5 hours to a dog show (one way) ... even if it would have been a lovely CDX leg and i felt we were ready for leg 2!!!

and then its ok... because I LEFT MY TRAINING BAG AT the center!!! i had no db! ha ha ha ha - i had to call teri and ask her if she could meet me at the training center for the bag - we ended up glueing her dogs foot (she ripped it open) and then went to dinner, and then we went back to the center for a short training session (especially since i missed thurs). i mainly worked a short open run through, and then did go outs with rah at all sides of the ring, down and back multiple times.

for those that actually want training info from wed night:

we actually started berlin's foundation agility class, which is awesome and debbie's a great teacher. berlin's very clicker savvy, so it helps a lot - we did target, name recognition, coming to sides (behind the leg), fast table performances, hoops (that will end up being contact trainers), and running on either side but not crossing the plane of my body. berlin had fun and later on that night at novice (yes, we ALL spend all night at the training center it seems like) debbie said she's a spitfire!
later at open - started heeling and rah was a little off. for some reason he kept dropping his head and looking at something, and i have no idea what. i backed out and "oops!"ed him, and within a minute he was back to himself. then we broke the class in half and had partners for heeling - one person acted as a very intrusive judge and while kathy called the heeling pattern, your partner had to go next to you, around you, behind you, cut in front of you - be a judge that was near you while you heeled your dog and you had to keep your attention on your dog. of course, i was paired with debbie who has the crazy bc shane, because our dogs are a special sorta insane.

broke into individuals - worked ROF - he did a nice job, worked it in between two broad jumps and the db kept going under chairs and in hard places, and he still hit nice fronts. good boy!
worked DOR - and since last week he anticipated it all week, i just did regular recalls for the first 4-5 ones - and since he did them perfect, i gave him one DOR. in the future i think im going to have to work on my signal - in the B classes i may be hit for having a signal up too long? i dont know - i should watch some others and see how long they leave it up.

ROH - im going to have to make sure i get that damned db out at least 8 feet past the jump - when it comes in short and if it takes a turn to the side, its simply too close for him to make it back over the jump. he tried to save it but he just couldnt. kathy said sometimes you just throw up your hands and say it was a bad through and take the NQ graciously. *nods*

broad - beautiful. absolute perfection. i set it up and played some set up games. as i was getting ready to do the full bj, kathy had luna doing the db retrieve next to his jump. i sent him at the same time she threw the db - and rah soared over the jump, took one look at the db in passing before he landed, and kept all eyes on me afterwards and came into a perfect, absolutely perfect, front. elsie said it was WONDERFUL - i didnt ask for another, just played bj games.

stays were uneventful. good. solid. woohoo.

tomorrow we show at pam dennison's place for the ASCA trial, and i think i might enter berlin in novice to see how she does. too early, but since i haven't matched her, might as well try. i think our downfall is going to be waiting for the recall, she thinks they are all games now and breaks early. but since there are day of show entries available, and she's got an ASCA number, might as well do it! rah's entered in open.

sunday we are entered in the CDSP trial - berlin is going for her last CD-H leg, and rah is going for open legs (with go outs, EEK!) as well as CD-HCH legs (championship class). full weekend, im not really upset we didn't show out in york, 1231231231 hours away.


Jules said...

Good luck this weekenf!

TabLVT said...

Yikes I hope your mouth is feeling better. Nothing worse than dental work... its so debilitating..

Good luck in the upcoming trials!