Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a berlin request

someone requested some roo pics and such, so you have some berlin coming atchya.

ive been working on random things with rah. ive been trying to shape a "matt" behavior with him, and it just reinforced that rah is unable to relax, ever, and that i am a poor shaper. lure, yes - shape, no. i have to review some of the "its yer choice" steps because we started that and he had a blast with that - but seems to think that pawing my hand is necessary before he goes into a down, and then he can ignore food. he's suspicious.

anyway, berlin - she's got a rally trial coming up so we had to work some about turns and such, and who knows what else. i should look and see what else is in level 1.

so here are some berlin training videos. please ignore me yelling at destiny to shut up if it shows up in any of the videos ;)

schutzhund turns and finishes

berlin working stands and pivots - and getting confused :) yes, my shirt is dirty with muddy dog prints. i learned to not wear black in my training sessions that i video :)

working on berlin with her foot box/targetting - i will have to stop moving it, but because she slides it all over the place, i try to keep it in front of me. but i dont want that to become the cue for her to touch it. she's clear that interacting with it is what i want, but still it's 100% on what it is. this is the first time she's ever done it, so im pleased to have gotten the behavior i want (standing with two front feet on it) in the first 2 minutes!

and finally, working the db with her.

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Lexxsmom said...

YAYYY Berlin!!!

She looks awesome