Sunday, March 15, 2009

weekend wrapup

so, the weekend wrapup...

the ASCA trial first.
rah rocked. he got two legs towards his CDX with a pair of 196's, and first in his class each time.

the breakdowns:
heel free/fig8 - lost 3 in the first trial, 2 in the second trial
DOR - lost 1/2 in the first trial, 1 in the second trial
ROF - 1/2 in the first trial, none in the second
ROH - none in the first trial, 1 in the second trial
BJ - none in the first trial, none in the second trial (WOOHOO)
out of sights were fine (WOOHOO)

so we're 2/3 of the way to our ASCA CDX there - i dont know when we will get to finish it...

i did opt to show berlin, but i had doubts. in ASCA you do the sits/downs first, and berlin is clearly confused about if we're doing sit stays v. recalls - all the other dogs broke the downs and sits pretty much, and when she's the only one there she just cant handle it :) she held one sit, and in the other trial she held one down :) combined, an entire stay :)
the individuals for the first trial, had she done the stays, she would have had a 192!!! not bad - she lost 2.5 on lead, none on the SFE, 4 on the heel free, and 1/2 for the recall. but she sniffed a gate when i made a right turn and scratched at the about turn.

by the second trial, 5 hours later, she was exhausted and not really ready or willing to work, and total poopy face. did the on lead, but by the off lead she was laggy and all over, i played games with her in the ring and called it a day.

today was the CDSP trials -
berlin finished her CD-H with a 193.5 and first in her class ,and i promised her if she finished in the first trial i wouldnt show her in the second trials. her heel on leash wasn't pretty. for some reason she was very focused on the person who walks against us in the ring, and was giving them the hairy eyeball, and she took the whole side of the ring to clue into heeling. moving stand was perfect (how are her stands her best thing??? when its the one thing rah consistently screwed the pooch on today?), her fig8 was bad on the outer post, her recall was very nice and perfect, her stay was perfect.

rah... rah... rah's novice entry was first. his heeling wasnt terrible, but apparently i used the wrong hand for his moving stand and he moved all four feet and we lost a ton of points on that (6!) ... but it didnt matter, because he BROKE THE HONOR !!!!!! so no q in that class for us. he doesn't view that as a stay, since im there with him...

on to open. nice class, go outs were iffy but there, we q'd for our first CDX-H leg with a 187.5 which was 3rd in the class.

second trial, since berlin was pulled, it was just noodle. open...

open was a heartbreaker. he was working almost a perfect class. heeling was perfect. lost 1 point on the ROF (crooked front). ROH, DOR - perfect. he had a 199... and the go out was broken. no go out at all, NQ. heartbreaker.... it would have been HIT. he's completely confused on the whole go out issue right now, i cant blame him.

his novice class he had a 190 - we lost7 points on heeling???????? im not even sure WHERE, but thats what our score sheet said. same judge as our open class, so go figure... but he held the honor down. so we q'd there, first leg towards his novice championship.

so im happy for rah and his open performances, and berlin for finishing her CD-H, but im also troubled by rah's go out performances and berlin's pooping out. ups and downs, ups and downs.

im exhausted.

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