Friday, March 20, 2009

i didnt make it to the show, and i didnt know what else to do today but be with my dogs, so we went for 3 walks, i believe. until rah and berlin tried to eat a horse and we had to come home. (or did the horse try to eat rah? he's not saying).

i felt incredibly guilty because berlin pooped at the park and i turned to go get a poop bag and i couldnt find the poop when i got back - it was MIA. completely gone. to make up for it i tried to pick up other trash around the park but i seriously spent 30 minutes wandering the area looking for her poop and it was gone. (i mean, its a rawfed poop and she has rabbit poop to begin with - so it should disintegrate and be gone in days) but i felt really guilty.

then the walk down the road, which was fun - but berlin wants to eat the horse, and rah was just in prey mode - until the horse charged the fence and rah said "I GIVE I GIVE I GIVE" and i swear to god i've never seen him move so fast. i mean, i'd probably run too if a half ton animal was coming at me like that horse.

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

LOL... you sound like me :-). The other day I dropped a loaded poop bag on someone's property and could not find it. I fessed up that it was mine when it was indeed found.