Thursday, March 19, 2009

no class tonight because everyone is showing at the new brunswick shows, in which rah is showing tomorrow.
had class yesterday - started with roo's agility foundations. we worked more target work, and moved the target to the ground and started driving them to the target. then we incorporated the hoop work and driving them through the hoop to the target- berlin was the only one that got this. she wants all their contact work to be completely independent of handler, so this is the foundation of this - driving through an obstacle/over/in and understanding how to get to the end and hold a position no matter where i am.

we then started working on running and having the dog respect our speed on both sides - accelerating, decelerating, and having the dog not get in front of us.

then we started working wraps around jump stanchions on the left and right, and berlin was awesome at that despite never having done it? (working it tonight and she's great on the left at home, a little worse on the right but we'll get there!) and ended with more table work. debbie says she's a spitfire again and would take her home in a heartbeat :)

open last night - heeled a lot and i clicked rah a lot for head position and maintaining the eye contact i want at all times - his about turns have been spotty because he's dropping his head so he goes wide, but we fixed that last night. then did inviduals (after rah tugged and dragged me all over the floor after we were all complaining how sore we were from heeling!)

worked ROF with all the toys on the floor, including rahs jute tug - he did awesome for that. DOR's were good, but towards the end he started second guessing himself again and thought he missed a drop so i had to intersperse a lot of regular recalls. kathy was distracting him hardcore by whispering in his ear while he was waiting and walking with him and waving her arms and he did awesome. didnt look once at the toys on the ground.

ROH was nice, and he's correcting himself nicely for being crooked on the front since we've been using his box. i see it working a bit in the shows, but its going to take a lot of muscle memory, a lOT.

forgot to do broad jump :(

stays were fine, even though just about everyone else broke

tomorrow is an AKC trial, and i think im skipping sunday's AKC trial for schutzhund with berlin. we shall see - i hear the rings are super super tiny, so...

the show i skipped last week was a doozie. luna, the aussie we train with was out in the B classes for her first time - took utility B for 37 OTCH points (WOOHOO) and almost had open with a 99.5 but she had an automatic finish due to judge pressure... either way, she's over 1/3 of the way to her OTCH already! secret, kathy's youngest BC got her first two open legs and held her own in the B classes and placed with OTCH dogs, so that was nice. i thnk she had 6's and 7's.

ah, surrounded by greatness. maybe some will rub off :)

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