Thursday, February 26, 2009

the best way to describe training tonight was that i had to end it with a big glass of champagne :)

quest finished his UD this past weekend, so we had a party last night and tonight. cakes, cupcakes, pizza, you name it. flashes of brilliance (berlins attention was AMAZING), rah did some really nice things. rah also did some horrendous things, like marking someones glove when we were doing go outs and running out of the ring to steal said glove... and we decided for right now, rah can never do go outs while someone is doing gloves on the other side of the gate, because it BLEW HIS BLUE LITTLE BRAIN.

AWESOME articles. AWESOME broad jump. AWESOME dor.

berlin was rockin. rockin rockin rockin. we worked attention with terry throwing the db next to us and she was like "excuse me, im doing heelies with my mom, i cant look at you right now" she's such a good girl.

then rah had to have splodey butt.

we're all tired and i had to work this morning so thats the disjointed sort of update you get right now - hopefully there will be a more fleshed out version tomorrow. maybe.

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