Friday, February 20, 2009

le sigh

ill update on classes from the past two nights, but i was considering starting berlin on scent articles this week.
turns out, despite the fact that she likes to chew on metal articles, she doesn't want to retrieve them - her retrieve doesn't have enough of a foundation to go through this yet, so im just sticking with working the basics on the metal articles, the leather she loves right now.

so im sitting here on the couch, home from work and everyone is milling about, and berlin is pointedly facing away from me and chewing on something on the dog bed... and she chews, chews and looks over her shoulder at me- an she's got her leather zero article in her mouth!!!!!

i have to actually change the tune of my song, i always tell people berlin has never destroyed anything as a puppy. the only thing she EVER ate was scent articles ;)


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

That's how I lost leather article #6 :-). Thank goodness for some extras.


Lexxsmom said...

I think that Berlin needs a photo on your blog.. its all Rah.. no fair to the pretty little girl