Tuesday, February 10, 2009

im kinda in a training rut. or not even a rut - but i just dont want to do it right now. the dogs are happy just being crazy and working teeny little things, but we havent worked some things we need to be doing and i have no desire to be working them right now. im tired and exhausted and havent felt good in about a week and a half.

blogger is acting weird and it wont update my page.

destiny is stoned on her fentanyl patches and her incision is over a foot and a half long. she's got 60+ staples from where here 4 mammary glands used to be. sag-no-more --- her biopsy results will be delayed by the lab because they need to do special fixation, blargh.

hows that for no training updates. um. a training update? destiny now comes when i call her when she is wandering loose in the clinic? thats a good thing.

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M.T. said...

Sometimes you just need the break! Better than a burn-out anyways, no? Take care of yourself, sounds like you're feeling under the weather and hopefully won't get any worse!!