Friday, February 13, 2009

destiny's biopsy came back.... sorta clear? no obvious signs of cancer, but the types of cells they saw were considered precancerous. but she doesn't HAVE mammary cancer, which is nice :)

the dogs so far today haven't been trained - though i am considering taking berlin into the other room and starting her on scent articles and working rah with some scent articles as well. i think ill do that a little later, should be interesting. berlin still isn't 100% with a retrieve but we shall see how it goes. if it doesn't i can stop. i realized that destiny's expen set up in the middle of the living room has been the main reason i havent trained a lot at home right now, its a pain in the butt to take it up and down. and im lazy.

im a little intrigued by the hypocrisy in the doberman world where its ok to breed a bitch with no titles at all (and sometimes their structure seems to be questionable at best), but i would (will?) be strung up if i breed berlin, because she will not have breed ring titles on her, only obedience (and potentially working) titles. it's funny to see how the world turns. maybe i should care less what people think. and i am not sure i even want to breed her, and it's so far away and i'd have to talk things over with her breeder, since she's a co-own and pick puppy belongs to them anyway... its just wondering what is really best for the doberman breed, and is it possible to really breed that "total doberman" out there. and discussing with some people who she could/would be bred with, the combinations out there...

speaking of the little imp, her daddy was featured in this issue of the UDC focus. he's such a good dog. we need more like him.

time to sit on the couch more and nurse my knee - 100 lbs of rah hitting your knee is painful and results in a constant dull ache, for the record.

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