Thursday, February 12, 2009

very good training last night, i felt good about it.

started with stays - rah was collared just in case he decided he to repeat his performance from last week. terry said it was totally my fault he broke too - she said the minute she saw my face getting him ready for the ring she knew i was too freaked out over him. we also have a plan for next weekend (may get me excused, but if hes breaking ill already be NQ'd anyway) to double command him from across the room if he's breaking. of course last nights stays went well just perfect. im wondering whether i should even do any stays tonight.

started with heeling while we had all the jumps out in the middle of the rings. i need to start being more consistent with my halting cues because sometimes he's halting too early. but hes been largely straight, which is nice. fasts were nice, slows were better, he's still sidewinding when he's getting too pushy. which is, really - always. rah exists pushy :) i will have to set up a private for that and where to go from now. flickering my fingers isn't helping.

moved onto individuals. this time it was nice - we worked transitions between two things. broad to high and high to broad, and flat to drop and drop to flat, and rinse, lather and repeat. i also did some fig8's in between, which were very nice and he was straight there, so that was nice. terry got on me for the transitions - says i really need to have a clear picture of where we are going. don't just "leave it, up here!" him to get him off his db when i hand it off, i need to have a clear picture of where i am moving him and do it with a purpose - too much wishy washiness and he's going to just meander around. i also had a lot better success turning into him away from the db rather than him having to walk by where he could take side swipes :) she was really helpful working those transitions and she just reiterated numerous times that i need to stand up and take charge from him.

all in all it was a nice training session.

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