Saturday, February 21, 2009

a healthy dose of health

no training today - the dogs and i went to the health fair i put together for my dobe club.

happy to report rah's echo showed no signs of dilated cardiomyopathy (phew!) and his ticker is totally normal, and he CERF'd clear!

berlin has a very tiny punctate cataract of no known clinical significance (no problems in regards to vision, no problems in regards to breeding, etc) in her left eye, and her right eye is normal.

im exhausted, my head hurts, and we had very very very good food for lunch and dinner. saw good people, hung out with berlin's breeders, some other good people from the tristate schutzhund club, and many other dobe-folk, had some good talks with dr. morris and sue krom, and then went out to eat with training friends once the clinic was over at 6

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