Sunday, February 15, 2009

the play by play

ok... we got there at 12 or so? maybe 11:30 -- our class didn't start until 1 and we didnt end up going until 2:30-3 or so (maybe later - i lost my watch a week ago and still dont know where it is!).

it was SO TIGHT in there - the facility is barely large enough for three rings, and there wasn't much space for crating. luckily people were leaving, and when kathy took down her crates (she stayed to apprentice for utility A) she let us take her space, so we were actually able to bring the dogs in rather than leaving them in the car. warmed up rah for a few minutes here and there but that's about it.

of course, the judge had to take a pee break right before i went, ack! rah was ON ON ON though, so i was pleased. of course, the steward was blocking our ring entrance and stepped on him as we went in, so i wasn't so happy with that. he sat nicely, great attention, i took the leash off - he dropped his head as we moved th ering length away - but he set up perfectly and was eagerly watching me as we waited. i had some moments of not perfect attention on the heeling, and he's had better days - but it wasn't bad. he wasn't too pushy - and he got REALLY forgey on the fast, which hasnt' been an issue for us recently, but it was today - he strode out to his shoulders! the pattern was really nice - first time in awhile i didnt have the forward-halt-forward (WOOHOO) instead it was a forward right turn slow, which i was fine with.

fig 8 was ok - rah hit me at one point, but he wasn't too pushy. DOR- he was crooked for the front and i think i gave too much body movement with the signal because she gave it really late as for how fast he was moving (and the ring was short) so he was close, i needed to make sure he would drop and not come in all the way. poor mercury had to drop right in front of lydia!

ROF - i waited for my db, and waited... and it wasnt there? i turned and looked and the steward thought i was telling her to wait? im like GIVE IT TO ME! i get it and reset rah up (just wanted to break him out let him see the db and know we were going for the retrieve now), he was shaking again. threw it, it took a right turn (SHIT). sent him, and he's coming in REALLY wide and he's not looking at me and im like FUCK he's going to run around the ring with his db and not come in at all... and then miracle of miracles he comes in and FIXES his front. he comes in and realigns his body. and makes himself straight(er). it wasn't straight enough, but considering he was three feet off to my right up until about 5 feet out, it wasn't half bad. then... rah wouldnt give me the db. at all. i said out. he wouldnt out. he clamped down and wouldn't give me the db at all. for real. i essentially had to rip it out of his mouth. asshole. finished him and moved him to the high.

we were back up to our full height (everyone at the show was like... wow, we've never actually seen a dog that had to jump 28!!!!!!), i threw it and i was so afraid it would turn to the right and he would miss the jump on the way back like he did in training. but it went straight... about 8 feet. shit SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT - that's so not that far! come ON, just roll a bit further... no go. so i sent him. and god bless his soul, he goes out, gets it, and comes in for a mostly straight front, too! hand off the db, and i MOVE WITH A PURPOSE...

over to the bj. set him up, he was crooked so i fix it and he sets up nicely the second time (have i mentioned im very happy with his set ups in the open ring, he did these all so nicely willingly and happily?), leave him and get to my spot. i send him on the word and he jumps and is going SO FRIGGIN FAST he almost fell again. cant hit the straight front, but we're done.

he's high as a kite so i platz'ed him there and put the leash on him because we were so close to the ring entrance. and the steward was the tard that wouldnt give me my db before.

got him up for stays and i repeated "its just stays, we can do it, its just stays". left him for the sit and when i looked at him he was a perfect statue (i peeked). came back and he was happy and left him for the sit - the ring next to him (in front) was doing pictures and squeaking a toy and lydia said he wanted to get up so badly to get the toy but he didnt and...


we got a 193 -- not bad!
2.5 off on the heeling/fig 8
1 off on the DOR
1.5 off on the ROF
1 off on the ROH
1 off on the BJ

im pretty proud. unfortunately while that would have kicked the classes ass last weekend at that show, this weekend it wasnt even a placement (i was 5th in the class i believe looking at the scores?) first was a 197.5

its our fronts and finishes that are killing us. and i gotta work on the heeling and how much he bumps, and how straight he is on the sits. thats where we're losing our points. the points are in the minutia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everyone was happy with him - i think the photographer got some shots of him jumping because he was telling me how high rah has to jump and how he flies. a few people came up to compliment me on his performance and what a fun dog he is, someone else asked me if he's taken HIT's (I WISH!). i wish i had found out the photographers website. hopefully someone else knows it...

so that's it. one leg down, two to go. i think ill enter him in the ASCA trial now. need to find the money for all of this...


manymuddypaws said...

congrats!!! sounds like he did really well! I've never seen a dog jump 28" either....wowsers!

TabLVT said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting all the details, Kim. Sounds like you guys had a nice run. That's so funny Rah didn't want to give up the db the first time. Well, funny now... I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time! Too bad you didn't place, but you Qualified!! How exciting! When's your next trial?